The Section Internationale debate club has flourished this year with a series of heated debates. The club meets on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays and is open to all English-speaking students in the lycée.

Run by Mrs Rattier and Mrs Besic, the debaters are given two weeks to prepare before facing one another in the debating chamber (or room 103 as it is more commonly known). This year’s topics have ranged from environmental issues to topics that are particularly pertinent right now such as the ethical problems surrounding driverless cars.

The 2nde and 1ère participants are passionate and organised debaters, who often find themselves on the less appealing side of the argument. This inevitably makes it a difficult task to show the zest for the topic needed to really drive one’s argument home. Despite this, the students have shown that they are able to discuss these topics with passion and determination, while also using their tools of persuasion to win around the often rambunctious panel of judges:  their fellow peers.

The debate club will continue next year, and all lycée students are welcome to come along and be a part of the auspicious panel of judges or join in the debates.