Our aim is to enrich our students’ education by providing them with a bilingual, bi-cultural approach to their studies. We focus on enabling each child to achieve his or her potential in English, in tandem and in complement to their French national curriculum studies, equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in a global society.

At the Section Internationale we place great emphasis on positive and supportive relationships among the teaching staff, students and their families. It is our belief that a happy and confident environment brought about by mutual support and respect is essential to ensuring every student’s well-being.

APESEB (Association des Parents d’Elèves de la Section Britannique) was established in 2002 to run the Section Internationale at Collège Pasteur in La Celle-Saint-Cloud. The association is a non-profit organisation run by parent volunteers. Fees cover wages for a Head of Section, teachers, an Admissions Manager, an HR & Operations Manager and a part-time accountant, as well as basic teaching materials. APESEB is committed to employing native English speakers and the experienced teaching staff hails from Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Since its creation, APESEB has expanded and now runs the Section Internationale classes on five different sites:

    • Grande Section Integrated Programme at Pasteur Maternelle School, La Celle-Saint-Cloud (Grande Section);
    • Primary Integrated Programme at Pasteur Primary School, La Celle-Saint-Cloud (CP to CM2);
    • Primary Externé Programme at Pasteur Primary School, La Celle-Saint-Cloud (CP to CM2);
    • Primary Wednesday Programme at Pasteur Primary School, La Celle-Saint-Cloud (Grande Section to CM2);
    • Integrated Secondary at Collège Louis Pasteur, La Celle-Saint-Cloud,
    • Integrated Secondary at Collège Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinye, Noisy-le-Roi,
    • Integrated Secondary at Lycée Corneille, La Celle-Saint-Cloud.


The association also offers English classes, called Anglais Après la Classe, for French children wishing to increase their exposure to the English language.