The Great Victorian Exhibition

An exhibition on the theme of ‘The Victorians’ was organized in the lycée CDI with the help of the librarian, Mme Gavenda. The starting point for the 1ère English class was their study of Victorian authors Christina Rossetti and Oscar Wilde, and they produced posters on a wide range of topics from pre-Raphaelites to the Impact of Evolution. The 2nde H-G class created posters on themes relating to the Industrial Revolution in the North of England. The European Section created an intriguing game where students had to match original Victorian paintings with their modernized versions, and a separate room housed 19th century editions of books from the period, as well as Victorian costumes. Several French teachers and their classes enjoyed visiting the exhibition and answering a quiz created for them.

Shakespeare and Wilde: Poetry and Drama Evening

The highlight of the week was our annual poetry and drama evening. Troisième participants in the ‘Poetry by Heart’ competition came to recite their winning poems, the Terminale class showed off their mastery of Shakespearean verse in a powerful extract from Shakespeare’s Richard III and 14 2nde and 1ère students put on a performance of an adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Many after-school rehearsals paid off with a very amusing, polished performance of extracts from Wilde’s witty play. A much-appreciated extra performance was scheduled for a full house of European Section students earlier in the week.

Fish and Chips and English in the Canteen

A group of enthusiastic SI parents and Mrs Rosenfeld rounded off the week with a fish and chips lunch in the canteen. Tables were set up where students could speak English over lunch, and parents reported some very interesting exchanges, although it wasn’t always easy to motivate students to join them!


Weekend in Normandy, 25-27 March

Terminale students and Mrs Besic spent an inspiring long weekend revising with the previous Head of English at Sèvres, Paddy Salmon, in his beautiful house in Normandy. A studious but enjoyable time was had by all, and the work seemed less onerous sitting in the garden, bathed in an unusually warm March sunshine.


The final school term is flashing by in the busy run-up to the IGCSE and Bac exams. Our lucky Terminale students start the bac earlier than French students with their first OIB written exam on 2 June, and finish later, with the final oral on 27 June! Ms De Comarmond, Mr Shepherd and Mrs Besic will be travelling to lycées in St Germain, Paris, Fontainebleau and Strasbourg to be oral examiners for other schools.  The very best of luck to all our students!
UPDATE 6TH JULY 2018 – 100% success rate at the OIB – Well Done everybody!


Please note our new email address :
Our Admissions season has been very busy since January 2017 with the launching of the new data base PORTAL, which allows families to submit their applications directly on the website, saving time, paper and postal charges. It also means a lot less storage space for the administrative staff and teachers, prevents papers getting mislaid and allows us to share the dossiers with our partner schools. We are extremely satisfied with this new system. If you have used it to apply for your children for a change of programme, please feel free to give us feedback so that we continue to improve it and make it as user-friendly as possible.
We look forward to welcoming many new candidates in September. We have a number of requests for housing in the catchment area for Pasteur Primary especially so please keep your eyes and ears open for availabilities and contact me if you hear of anything.
Kristina Abadie  Admissions Officer
Tel: +33(0)



Food Fair 2.0 was a success thanks to all who brought scrumptious treats an d authentic decor showcasing many countries from Southeast Asia to Europe and North America.  All went away with full stomachs and memories of delightful conversations.


Let’s get ready for the next Section Internationale Book Sale at our favourite Brocante!
So save the date –
Dimanche 18 juin 2017 de 9H à 17H
Place Berthet – La Celle Saint-Cloud
Feel free to drop by during the day to say hello and to renew your personal English book collection. (Some French books sneaked in, but I’m not sure how.)
Volunteers to man the book stand are very welcome. Contact Yvonne Rémond Murphy, email
If you can’t make this date, there will also be a book sale during La Fête de la Ville Saturday 24 June at the Parc de La Grand Terre, La Celle St Cloud, from 1pm to 9pm. So make sure to come see the fireworks and buy a book!



Congratulations to Claire Lavergne, Première, on winning a bronze medal in the Olympidades Academiques de Géosciences 2017.

ASIBA Poem Competition Finalists

Poems on persuasion by Una Jullien, Seconde, and Benoit Vignon, 3ème, have been chosen as finalists in the Junior category of the 2017 ASIBA poetry competition. ASIBA is the association supporting the British option of the French baccalaureat.
After the themes of “Remembrance” in 2015 and “Bridges” in 2016, this year’s theme was “Persuasion”, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.
The Junior category (3ème and Seconde) had 39 entries while the Senior category (Première and Terminale) had 32 entries. In all, 23 schools as far away as Singapore participated. With two of the seven finalists from the Section Internationale, it takes no persuading to be pleased by their poems!
Deceit under the Moonlight
by Una Jullien
Under the moonlight, the dancing shapes circle around and sing.
       Your laugh,
an injurious song, echoes free in the meadow
       Your lips
deliver fluttering words that swarm the willow,
Still embraced by none but I
       Your spirit
inhabits all that lives and is to die,
dances with the galaxy
       Your eyes
are twilight’s nightmare of immortality,
two pearls transfixed by stars
As roses drift up our ankles
and wish to flatter our cheeks,
fireflies whisper in my ear
all your thoughts I want to hear.
       As the fays revel in their musings,
       you are revealed by Nature’s findings.
Your smile shines, your eyes glisten, your spirit resonates
       with Lucifer’s fire.
by Benoit Vignon
In the shadows of the night,
Shortly before the blazing light,
Two men, average workers,
Discussed persuasion in a diner.
“Without persuasion in our world,
The economy wouldn’t unfurl;
The people wouldn’t buy and spend;
You could not depart on weekend.”
“But persuasion if misused
With manipulation can be confused,
And from his best interests,
One can quickly be divested.”
The two of the same persuasion,
They paid and ended their discussion,
Walking delightfully in the blazing light,
Hoping for another instructive night.