Section Internationale Annual Meeting 2017

On Thursday, 28 September 2017, the Section Internationale held its Annual General Meeting. Twenty-four families were in attendance. The meeting was presided by Herve Besaucele, with the assistance of Michelle Josserand (Treasurer) and Lisa Lavergne (Secretary).
Despite significant increases in salaries and the cost of a new data base, the Association achieved a positive net result for 2016-2017 thanks, in large part, to increasing numbers of students at the lycée level and a significant jump in potential students taking the entrance exam. For the 2017-2018 school year, the section has reached a record number of Sectional Internationale students with 250 enrolled across levels.
Parents that have come forward to serve on the SI executive committee for 2017-2018, to be voted in at the next general committee meeting, include:
  • Marie-Helene Godinot as President,
  • Herve Besaucele as Vice-President,
  • Geoffroy Goffinet as Treasurer and
  • Lynne Mphande as Secretary.
Parent Representatives for the different programs are as follows:
  • Wednesday : Payal Vohra
  • Primary : Yvonne Remond-Murphy
  • College Pasteur : Orla Gleeson-Cohen
  • College La Quintinye : Teri Billon
  • Lycée Corneille : Cecile Chevalier Rottman
Please note that volunteers are always needed, particularly in the following areas:
  • class reps
  • events planning, photographer
  • webmaster
If you wish to join the Committee or volunteer in any other capacity, please contact Lynne Mphande ( or any other committee member.