Programme du mercredi en primaire (GS-CP-CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2)

This programme starts in Grande Section (5 years old) and goes through to CM2 (10 years old). Children come for three hours of English on the Wednesday mornings. It is a programme that appeals to families whose children go to the local primary school and who can offer solid English help at home. The Primary Wednesday Programme sees families making the trip once a week from Morainvilliers and Maule as well as Nanterre in the Hauts de Seine.

Ces cours sont particulièrement adaptés aux enfants qui rentrent d’un séjour à l’étranger où ils étaient scolarisés dans des établissements anglophones. Cela permet aux enfants de se concentrer sur les matières dispensées en langue française en prévision du Collège.

Programme intégré en primaire (CP-CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2)

This programme is integrated into the French public primary school Pasteur in La Celle-Saint-Cloud. They have 3 hours of English, 2 hours of Science and 1 hour of geography. We offer the classes in CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2. The English lessons take place on two half-days a week. To be admissible for this programme, the children need to have an excellent academic record and be bilingual in French and English. Ideally children live in the catchment area for Pasteur Primary School or in La Celle-Saint-Cloud. If not, the family requires a dispensation (“dérogation”) in order to attend the school.

Programme externé en primaire (CP-CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2)

For many different reasons, some families choose to have their child in the local primary school for their regular French schooling, but the child comes twice a week to Pasteur to attend the English lessons. This allows the child to stay close to home most of the week. It does require the availability of an adult to bring the child twice a week to La Celle Saint-Cloud. Families must however live in the Yvelines and the child must attend a French public primary school. Children living in the Hauts-de-Seine or attending schools which are “privées sous contrat” may not attend this programme.

Programme du collège (6ème-5ème-4ème-3ème)

This programme offers 6 hours of English a week – 4 hours of English Literature and Language, 2 hours of History/Geography. The programme follows the official “Section Internationale” curriculum recognised by the French Ministry of Education, and the students may obtain “Mention Internationale” at the Brevet at the end of 3ème, last year of college (Middle School). They also start their preparation for the IGCSE English Literature exam.

Ce programme est proposé dans deux collèges publics français des Yvelines, à l’ouest de Paris. Ces deux collèges sont classés dans les 10 premiers collèges du département car ils obtiennent d’excellents résultats au Brevet.

  • College Pasteur in La Celle-Saint-Cloud is a small, family-oriented college with approximately 420 students and is attached to the Primary School Pasteur. It serves a more concentrated area with Rueil-Malmaison, Bougival and Louveciennes sending us a number of children.
  • College Jean Baptiste de la Quintinye, Noisy le Roi is a larger college with approximately 600 students. It serves a wider area, including Maule, Crespières and Mareil sur Mauldre for some families.

Programme du lycée (2nd-1ère-Terminale)

The Lycée programme is offered in Lycée Corneille, La Celle Saint-Cloud, a modern public lycée with approximately 1250 students. Many students come from afar to attend Lycée Corneille, aided by the school’s close proximity to the train station and excellent public transport links.

Les étudiants en classe de 2nd suivent 4 heures de cours de littérature britannique et de langue, plus 2 heures d’histoire/géographie. Ils passent l’examen de littérature anglaise IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) en fin d’année scolaire.

Students in Premiere and Terminale prepare the OIB (Baccalauréat Option Internationale), with 4 hours of English Literature and 4 hours of History/Geography, for which they sit the exams at the end of the Terminale year. We follow the British OIB programme.