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What is the Section Internationale La Celle Saint Cloud-Noisy le Roi?

We are a private, fee-paying section integrated in French public partner schools. The Section Internationale is run by a board of parents volunteers, qualified native English-speaking teachers and dedicated administrative staff. Our mission is to offer high-quality English programmes at affordable rates, thanks to the high implication of the parent volunteers.

What is the level of English required for a child to be eligible for the Section Internationale?

Children are required to read, write, speak and understand English to a native, age-appropriate level. We do not offer “catch-up” programmes.

Does my child need to sit an English test to enter the Section Internationale?

All candidates for the Section Internationale need to sit an age-appropriate test (written & oral) in English. These tests are compiled by the teaching team to ensure that a child will have the necessary level to be able to follow the programme with confidence. We cannot put a child in a situation where he/she may struggle to keep up and fall behind as this can have serious repercussions on a child’s confidence.

Do I need to declare a French address in the catchment area?

At the time of applying, you should declare your current address (in France or abroad). If you are returning to an existing address in the area, please declare that also at the time of applying (possibly in the letter of motivation). For further details, please visit the different levels below as the requirements are not the same.

How to submit a letter of motivation?

We recommend that you write it using “Word” or other word-processing software, then export/save as PDF, which should then be uploaded to the Online Applications platform. You are not required to print & sign before uploading as you are applying via a secure site. If submitting a handwritten letter, please scan and upload as a PDF document.

What should the letter of motivation say and why must it be in English?

It is important for us to see that a child is, and has recently been, exposed for native-level English. Please explain why you are applying (Anglophone parent(s), English-speaking programmes, an extended stay in an English-speaking country, etc.). The more you tell us, the easier it is for us to assess a child’s potential. We also need to see that the child will have sufficient support at home from parents with a high level of written English. A child with no English at home will struggle to keep up with the programmes.

What should I submit as handwritten work (except for Grande Section and CP)?

It is important for us to see that a child can write age-appropriate English; spelling and grammar tests are NOT acceptable. Book reports, short stories, diary entries, reading comprehension answers etc., which show an age-appropriate mastery of grammar, varied vocabulary, punctuation and presentation are suitable. You may submit several pieces of work, but all the pages must be compiled into ONE PDF document (not exceeding 10MB) so please scan in black/white. Please DO NOT submit a Zip file.

What is a “dérogation?

Our Primary Integrated Programme takes places in a French state primary school, which is subject to a catchment area. A “dérogation” or dispensation may be awarded to children outside the catchment area, giving them permission to attend Pasteur Primary School instead of the French state primary school which is their catchment school (based on the family home address). The dispensations are awarded on merit by the Primary Commission (comprising Section Internationale, Pasteur Primary School and the Inspection Académique 78) and are limited in number, based on the availibility of space in the French school.

How do I obtain a “dérogation”?

If your child is eligible and is offered a place in Pasteur Primary School,  following the Primary Commission, you would receive the required documentation and procedure. You cannot start the procedure without the notification from the Inspection Académique 78.

Can parents drop their children off earlier or pick them up later than the official class times?

NO. The Section Internationale is only responsible for the children during the official class times.

  • Please DO NOT drop your children off earlier and leave them alone in front of the school gates.
  • We are aware that emergencies can happen and parents/carers may be late for pick-up. We do request that you contact your child’s teacher or the head teacher to inform them of your estimated time of arrival. Emergency telephone numbers will be given out at the beginning of the school year. We recommend strongly that you register this number in your telephone. You should not phone the Admissons office if you are going to  be late as we are not on-site. If it is a regular occurance, you may be asked to withdraw your child.
  • If you have not signed an exit slip, giving permission to another person (Section family, nanny, grandparents, …) to take responsibility for your child, your child will not be released. This concerns the Externé and Wednesday children only as the Integrated children would be under the responsibility of Pasteur Primary School.

Does the Section Internationale organise transport for their programmes?

No, we do not provide transport and do not recommend that families plan on using public transport for the primary-aged children. There are no private shuttle buses or state school buses.

  • We recommended that, for the Primary Integrated Programme (PIP), the families live as close as possible to Pastur Primary School to avoid long journeys for the children.
  • For the Primary Externé Programme (PEP), an adult must be available to provide the transport; we cannot guarantee car-pooling possibilities. Externé children cannot sign up for lunch or the after-school club (Centre de Loisirs) at Pasteur Primary School. We also recommend that the children spend their lunch time at home (if lessons in the afternoon) to allow them to “switch” to English school. It is NOT recommended to pick them up 15 minutes before the English lessons.
  • For the Primary Wednesday Programme (PWP), many families do car-pool. The Section Internationale is not responsible for this, although we can put families in touch with other families living close by at the beginning of the school year. We cannot guarantee that you would find a family ready to carpool, so please do not count on other families for the logistics.