On Wednesday 19 April the primary students from the Wednesday programme returned to lessons after their Easter/Spring break wearing vibrant colours and interesting costumes representing a book character. We had many different characters with original costumes and inventive masks and props. Even the teachers came disguised to join in the fun! Since it was still very close to Easter, the children also had fun looking for chocolate eggs hidden in the playground. Well done to all the children and parents for helping with the costumes!  Look at these photos:  Do you recognize any familiar book characters?

Judith the Story Teller Visit

On 29 March, Judith Black, from America, came to speak to the students in the Wednesday afternoon classes. Here are some of the students comments and photos. They all really enjoyed the experience – something to be repeated.
“I loved the storyteller because she was funny and brilliant and she has different stories. She was a woman. She was fantastic, great. She did characters with funny voices. She was the best and cool!” – Anaelle, CE1
“I loved it! The story of Judith was excellent, magnificent, fantastic, great, funny and silly…reciting different characteristics, an inventor, thinking, using a brave voice, an actor, creativ. She was the best storyteller I ever heard!” – Elizabeth, CE1
 “It was amazing and it was an experience too! I loved the way she narrated the stories, it was clear and joyful. I could see her happiness when telling the stories and it was funny because she chose children to be characters. The stories were interesting. When she entered she started singing and dancing. For me she was a comedian too because she made us laugh. I liked the story because she also enjoyed telling it:  there is nothing I disliked. I’m glad that she came!” – Reva, CM2
“Wow! Just wow! I have three words to describe this show:  amazing, hilarious and creative. I am really asking myself, where did she get that imagination from? Out of her mind? If I was her, I would be scared with all the stress you can have on stage; especially with all the people gathered to see the show.” –  Ray, CM2
“I really enjoyed the experience with Judith Black. I liked the way she told her stories, sang and also how she acted. Her stories were very amusing because of how she changed her characters and her voice. Her acting was very impressive because she could be different characters at the same time.” – Juliet, CM2
“What I liked was the way she talked and changed voices very quickly, also her movements were very funny and she told her story very well. What I disliked was when she changed characters quickly and when she repeated again the same thing.” – Irene, CM2
“The story teller was very funny and acted very well, the stories that she told were great and I liked that she told a story on palm oil trees, because I came from Bali and it is really bad. I liked everything and disliked nothing!”– Eva, CM2