Collège-Lycée Teacher

Joseph Shepherd teaches teaches History and Geography at collège and lycée levels. He was born and raised in a rural community in Lancashire, England. He taught English in Cambodia and India prior to teaching History.


Primary Head Teacher

Childhood was spent in South East London, after which she went on to study at Christ Church College, University of Kent, where she obtained an Honours degree in Primary Education and Art.


Lycee and College Head Teacher

Teaches English Language and Literature at the Lycée level and is head teacher for the secondary programme. She is a native of Colorado and has a BS in Secondary Education English with honours and an MA in Education (TESL/TEFL/multi-cultural) from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Collège-Lycée Teacher

Teaches English Language and Literature at the collège and lycée levels. Se was born in Rotura, New Zealand and moved to Wellington at the age of 18, where she completed a BA in English Literature and Art History at Victoria University.


Primary Teacher

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is married and has three grown up children. She speaks French, English and Italian. Due to her husband’s career, she is well travelled and has lived in numerous places around the world including Rome, The Hague,


Collège-Lycée Teacher

Graduated from Manchester University, England, with a B.A honours in French and European Studies. She then obtained a TEFL Certificate to teach English abroad. Following her initial teaching experience with adults in Paris she then passed the


Primary Teacher

Joins us from Canada. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Trent University. She is a qualified member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Rebecca has been teaching internationally for a decade and


Primary Teacher

Is a young, creative teacher from Australia, specialising for the last ten years in teaching ESL English, her native language. Inventive in the classroom, she teaches all ages from BTS and diverse professionals to primary and kindergarten children.