Primary Information Meetings for Entry September 2019

Primary Information Meetings for Entry September 2019

Primary Programmes (GS-CP-CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2)

We distribute a document during our information meetings (24th November 2018 and 19th January 2019). You may download the document which was handed out by clicking Primary Programmes 2019. You will find details of the programmes, an indication of the level required, an explanation of the Admissions Process as well as some Frequently Asked Questions.

Our section proposes three options for English speaking, primary-aged children. All three programmes require the same level of English, the difference being the number of hours offered, the admissibility of the child based on his/her French academic dossier or the family’s home address.

This programme is integrated into the French public primary school Pasteur in La Celle Saint Cloud. The pupils have 3 hours of English plus 3 hours of Science & Geography and are offered at the CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 levels (6-10 years old).

To be admissible for this programme, the children need to have a strong academic record and be bilingual in French & English (reading, writing and speaking to an age-appropriate level). Ideally children live in the catchment area for Pasteur Primary School as places are dependant on space in the French public school.  If this is not the case, the family requires a dispensation (“dérogation”) in order to attend the school on a full-time basis. These are awarded on merit by the Académie de Versailles and are limited.

The Section Internationale lessons take place on 2 half-days a week. From September 2019, all levels from CP-CM2 will be 100% integrated into the school timetable at Pasteur Primary School. The pupils will have NO lessons on Wednesday mornings.

Click here for the timetable for the school year 2018-2019

Our Externé programme has been established for families who choose to have their child attend the local primary school for their regular French schooling, possibly because they live too far away for the daily commute or due to a lack of space in Pasteur Primary School. The children come twice a week to Pasteur to join the pupils of the Integrated programme.

It does require the availability of an adult to bring the child twice a week to La Celle Saint Cloud and parents must maintain close contact with their child’s French teacher to ensure that any missed lessons are made up.

Externé places can only be offered to children living in the Yvelines (78) and being schooled in French public primary schools.

This programme starts in Grande Section (5 years old) and goes through to CM2 (10 years old). Children participate in 3 hours of English in classes held on Wednesdays. It is a programme that appeals to families whose children go to a local primary school and who can offer solid English help at home. The Wednesday primary programme sees families making the trip once a week to La Celle St Cloud from surrounding towns and villages.

From September 2018, lessons will take place at Pasteur Primary School, La Celle St Cloud from on Wednesday mornings from 9-12 noon.

This is also an interesting solution for children returning from abroad where they have been in international or independent schools with little or no French schooling. Whilst maintaining their bilingual level of English, the children can concentrate on their French subjects with a view to applying for the Integrated programme later on or in preparation for college (middle school), as both programmes require a solid academic dossier in French.

The Entrance test for all primary levels for an entry in September 2019 will take place on Wednesday 13th March 2019 (afternoon). Deadlines for submitted dossiers is Friday 22nd February 2019. Please remember you do need to supply the school report for the 1st trimester 2018-2019. 

Click here to see what you will need to hand in with your Primary application.

Click here to open the Primary English Recommendation Form.

All applications will be processed through Applications Online

Unclear about the school levels in the French education system? Click here for a comparison of the school levels in the French, British and American systems.