Lycée Programme (2nd-1ère-Terminale)

For students in 2nde, the programme offers 4 hours of English Literature & Language and 2 hours of History/Geography. They sit the exam IGCSE English Literature exams at the end of the school year.
For students in Premiere and Terminale, the programme prepares the students for the OIB (Baccalauréat Option Internationale) for which they sit the exams at the end of the Terminale year.  The students have 4 hours of English Literature & Language and 4 hours of History/Geography. Lycée Corneille follows the British OIB programme.
These programmes follow the official Section Internationale curriculum recognised by the French Ministry of Education.
The Lycée programme is offered in Lycée Corneille, La Celle Saint Cloud, a recently renovated, public lycée with approximately 1250 students. Many students come from afar to attend Lycée Corneille, aided by the school’s close proximity to the train station and excellent public transport links.
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